Regulatory Affairs

H/Advisors Cicero expertly guides clients through the regulatory process across all sectors in the UK and EU. We help our clients understand, engage with and embed regulatory change in their business. With twenty years of expertise, including ex-regulators and government officials, we blend compliance with strategic insight, advocating for a responsible corporate landscape where regulatory understanding fosters innovation and societal progress.

Regulatory Monitoring

Our regulatory monitoring service, Cicero Pulse keeps you informed of the latest developments in the political arena. Via an easy-to-use portal, Pulse provides access to political and regulatory updates covering six regions (UK, Europe, USA, Supranational, Asia/Pacific, and Rest of World) offering a repository of information that can be tailored to your specific needs. We keep a constant watch on regulatory developments and regularly engage with UK, EU and EU27 regulators to keep you ahead of the curve and allow you to swiftly adapt your strategies and operations to remain compliant and competitive.

Regulatory Advisory

Our advisory service provides expert guidance on navigating complex regulatory landscapes. We offer strategic advice on compliance, policy implications, and regulatory trends, ensuring you are well-positioned to respond to regulatory challenges and opportunities.

Regulatory Insight and Analysis

We can help you gain critical insights into the regulatory landscape with in-depth analyses of regulatory policies, trends, and personnel. This enables you to react to change ahead of the rest of the market. We can help you understand the future direction of regulatory policymaking, ensuring that your business planning and decision-making are fully informed of the risks and opportunities.

Regulatory Engagement

We facilitate direct dialogues with regulatory bodies, helping to shape regulators’ approaches and policies. We know where engagement does – and doesn’t – work, ensuring that limited time and resources are targeted most effectively to deliver your corporate messaging and achieve change. Our expertise means we can provide our clients with regular mapping of key officials and regulators across your priority institutions.

Regulatory Affairs Campaigns

Our campaigns are designed to influence and shape regulatory environments. We can drive awareness among the policymaker community and the public to advocate for your business priorities. We use our deep understanding of regulatory processes and stakeholder dynamics to achieve real change.

Regulatory Risk

Our risk services identify and assesses potential regulatory challenges and their impact on your business. We provide comprehensive risk evaluations, helping you anticipate and manage regulatory hurdles effectively.

Regulatory Response

We have long-standing expertise in engaging with regulators and can advise you on how to make your concerns land with your regulators and/or supervisors, while maintaining a cordial relationship with the key authorities. We can help you respond to regulatory reviews, consultations, and exercises – at all stages of the policy development process.

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