Public Affairs

H/Advisors Cicero is a leading public affairs agency, having provided award winning services to clients across the UK and Europe for over two decades.

We believe that greater collaboration between organisations and governments can have a profound impact on the corporate landscape and on society more widely.

Political & Policy Advisory

H/Advisors Cicero’s award-winning consultants have been providing political advisory to the world’s largest private sector organisations for over 20 years.

Informing business decisions through clear strategic counsel, our clients understand how to position themselves to optimise their business within the current political landscape.

Political Risk

The world has changed markedly over the last decade resulting in heightened geopolitical risks and tensions. Politics is increasingly impacting on the corporate landscape, including trade and inward investment decisions, as well as managing cross-border operating models, talent, and supply chains.

Our consultants develop strategies which help clients to navigate this complex political landscape, enabling them to make the right strategic business decisions.

Political & Stakeholder Engagement

Our teams have a proven track record for success in engaging with policy and regulatory stakeholders to enact change across the globe. We have extensive networks across the political and regulatory landscape, including the public policy media, in the UK, Ireland, and other EU Member States. We also engage directly with the EU institutions (Parliament, Council, Commission, and regulatory bodies) and combine this engagement with clear and original strategies to help clients craft and land their policy and regulatory campaign messages effectively.

Our experienced consultants work with clients to ensure they are scrupulously prepared ahead of key Parliamentary Committee appearances.

Legislative & Regulatory Analysis

Our team provides real time tracking on key legislative proposals providing coverage of Parliamentary debates and providing proprietary insights from key Parliamentarians ahead of committee hearings. Our team can also help to draft and table legislative amendments and undertake legislative risk assessments.

Within the EU context, our team can also help to manage pan-European policy campaigns by identifying the key supportive Member States and influencing those governments at the grassroots level (through local Member State political engagement) to help galvanise support in Brussels. As part of the H/Advisors network, we have on-the-ground operations in 15 EU Member States including Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.

Political Monitoring

With proprietary tools, data, and expertise at their disposal our team of consultants keep clients abreast of the political and regulatory debates, and legislative changes that lie ahead. H/Advisors Cicero ensure clients remain one step ahead, capturing opportunities and mitigating risk before it's too late.

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