We were tasked with developing the firm’s profile globally across retail investor markets, both with end investors and intermediaries, via thought leadership-led marketing and PR campaigns.

Strategy & Execution

H/Advisors Cicero conducted surveys in 20 countries via an online survey containing up to 32,000 end investors and 1,000 investment intermediaries to provide a holistic market perspective on the issues shaping investment decision-making.

We worked closely with key international media outlets, including CBS News, to create exclusive content for media launch activities.


H/Advisors Cicero produced the following materials for BlackRock:

  • Over 50 marketing reports to be used by the country marketing teams.
  • Thematic reports exploring the views of specific groups of investors, for example, the LGBT community. We also produced a report on investors across four Latin American markets.
  • Extensive collateral for use in direct and intermediary channels including presentations for key institutional BlackRock clients (e.g. large banks and insurers).