Corporate Communications

Wherever there is news, reaction or comment, we place our clients at the heart of the conversation.

Ensuring every aspect of your corporate reputation is leveraged and protected, H/Advisors Cicero shape the news agenda to ensure your media profile reflects your wider business objectives. Our corporate communications specialists have the experience and creativity to ensure your message cuts through.

Public Relations

An organisation's ability to land the right message with its stakeholders has never presented a greater opportunity or risk. H/Advisors Cicero’s communications consultants help you to scrutinise your messaging, evaluate the relevant channels, and measure the results of your communications output.

Crisis & Issues-based Communication

H/Advisors Cicero provides indispensable counsel, strategic direction, and support to help businesses proactively manage a communications crisis, to limit wider reputational damage and regain standing with your key stakeholders.

We also help prepare and test crisis communications playbooks unique to your organisation, ensuring senior representatives and support teams are one step ahead to mitigate future crises.

Media Relations & Training

The H/Advisors Cicero team have decades of media experience with consultants who have previously been journalists, including with the BBC, ITV and Newstalk, as well as extensive experience working ‘hand in glove’ with companies to ensure executives are scrupulously prepared ahead of key appearances. We provide detailed insights into the style and concerns of the media professionals you are engaging with and run realistic mock sessions replicating the conditions, pressures, and questions you can be expected to face in order to hone key messaging and crucial non-verbal communication.

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