Corporate Communications

Wherever there is news, reaction or comment, we place our clients at the heart of the conversation.

Ensuring every aspect of your corporate reputation is leveraged and protected, H/Advisors Cicero shapes the news agenda to ensure your media profile reflects your wider business objectives. Our corporate communications specialists have the experience and creativity to ensure your message cuts through.

Media Planning & Messaging

There is a reason why come companies and spokespeople are regularly quoted or seen in the media. Not only are they credible and quick to respond, but they are also interesting and have something relevant to say.

We can facilitate the shaping and creation of strong messaging which is centred around your core brand value. We can develop targeted media engagement strategies and craft compelling messages that align with your goals. We ensure your communications are impactful, consistent, and reach your audience through the most effective channels.

Media Relations

The media is evolving and it is our job to understand these changes and to connect appropriate contacts to clients. We strengthen your relationship with relevant media. By building and maintaining positive connections with journalists, we enhance your visibility and ensure your message is conveyed effectively and accurately across relevant outlets and target audience.

Public Relations Campaigns

Our campaigns are designed to shape, grow and maintain your public image. We craft compelling narratives and execute strategic communications plans that resonate with your audience, building your reputation and establishing trust with your stakeholders.

Internal Communications Campaigns

Organisations are constantly changing to address the challenges of competition, regulation and other external factors. While great consideration is spent on brand and external communications, is the same amount of emphasis placed on communicating change to colleagues and key stakeholders?

Failure to align external communications with internal communications can open companies up to significant risk. Our team of internal communication experts can help shape messaging, advise on multi-channel delivery methods and manage reputational risks during periods of extreme change in an organisation.

Opinion Polling

Our Opinion Polling service provides valuable insights into public perceptions and attitudes that can leveraged across your communications materials. We conduct comprehensive surveys, interviews and analysis, offering you data-driven perspectives to inform your approach.

Media Analysis

Our media analysis dives deep into the coverage you receive, providing nuanced understanding of media narratives, trends, and the effectiveness of your communications strategies. This insight is crucial for refining your approach and enhancing your media presence.

Crisis Communications

In times of crisis, our teams provide swift, strategic guidance to protect and manage your reputation. We help you respond effectively, maintaining transparency and control over the narrative, effectively managing your organisation’s reputation. This process can begin with a full audit to assess risk levels and risk areas through to a comprehensive crisis communications plan which can be actioned during a time of need.

Media Training

Your spokespeople are advocates and ambassadors for your organisation. Yet, are they familiar with the changing media environment or how they come across in presentations or investor meetings?

Our media training empowers you with the skills to confidently engage with the media. We offer practical training on message delivery, interview techniques, and handling difficult questions, ensuring you communicate effectively and maintain composure under pressure.

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Media Monitoring

Our consultants are plugged in to the media and well connected to key journalists across key focus areas including financial services, insurance, technology, sustainability and digital finance. H/Advisors has its finger on the pulse, making it well positioned to advise on current events and positioning within the marketplace.

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