EVENT: Political editors join H/Advisors Cicero’s ‘Back to School Breakfast’ panel

11 September 2023

This week we hosted our annual ‘Back to School Breakfast’ event, with a brilliant panel of speakers looking ahead to the new Parliamentary term in Westminster, following a quieter-than-usual Summer Recess.

We were joined by political editors Katy Balls of The Spectator, Harry Cole of The Sun, and George Parker of the Financial Times, each giving their take on what to expect from the legislative and political agenda in the year ahead, as well as the key dividing lines between the Government and Opposition parties as we run up to the next General Election.

The panel was chaired by H/Advisors Cicero’s Tom Wilkins, who steered the discussion through a range of pressing public affairs issues: from Labour’s chances of returning to Government in the next General Election to when that vote might take place; Rishi Sunak’s uphill task of holding onto his job and the other issues the Tories face ahead of Party Conference Season, including (but not limited to) the recent RAAC debacle in UK schools.

Attendees also had the chance to put questions to the panel.

For a full analysis of the return to Westminster read our ‘Back to School Special’ below, and contact James.vanderGraaf@h-advisors.global for what to expect in public affairs in the coming months.