H/Advisors Public Affairs, powered by Havas Health & You, to launch fully-integrated UK/EU/US public affairs practice

To help brands and clients stay on the pulse of the world’s rapidly changing political and regulatory health landscape, H/Advisors, the global strategic advisory offering of the Havas Network, today announced the launch of a fully integrated health care public affairs offering, H/Advisors Public Affairs. The new offering will provide clients with public policy and regulatory affairs consultancy across major global health markets in partnership with Havas Health & You, the world’s largest global health network.

The new offer is designed to meet a critical client need for a public affairs network is reflective of a new health care reality and address common issues across all three markets like health inequities and system strain. To do so, H/Advisors has built a world-class team of EU, U.K. and U.S. health public policy and issues management consultants with sector expertise & research capabilities that support clients across horizontal business challenges such as ESG, supply chain, digital transformation, technological innovation, and corporate finance. Mark Twigg, CEO of H/Advisors Cicero will lead the offer in the United Kingdom and European Union. Mike Hotra, Managing Director, H/Advisors Abernathy will lead the offer in the United States.

“Our clients are asking for something different from the public affairs marketplace,” said Donna Murphy, CEO of Havas Creative Group and Havas Health & You. “Public affairs expertise in health policy, cost and reimbursement are now table stakes. By prioritizing growth in this area, we can help clients shape not only their public affairs agendas, but also inform their wider corporate strategy across a broad range of issues including sustainability and diversity and inclusion at a scale that is unmatched by our competitors.”

“Only recently have we seen this strategic, cross-border alignment across different health systems.  Clients expect their agency partners to advise them on a new and growing portfolio of public affairs issues in a changing policy landscape,” H/Advisors co-CEO Tom Johnson said. “H/Advisors has brought together H/Advisors Abernathy and H/Advisors Cicero to offer clients more than 40 experienced and strategically aligned professionals who together provide specific health market expertise and execution across the U.K., the EU, and the U.S.”

Mark Twigg, CEO of H/Advisors Cicero, said, “We are seeing major changes across Europe’s health care market post-pandemic. Policymakers are being forced to address inequalities in health outcomes and inequalities in access to health care systems at a time when there are huge pressures on public finances.  Sustainability is also placing major demands on health care businesses to reduce emissions, improve supply chains and address diversity, equity, and inclusion. Regulation is moving up the agenda on all these issues.  Influencing that agenda is now business critical.”

H/Advisors Public Affairs and Havas Health & You represent a diverse global portfolio of health and wellness clients including large, midsized, and small biopharmaceutical companies, health care distributors, hospital systems, private insurers, as well as medical technology innovators.

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