What does 2020 hold for the UK energy sector?

Last year saw decarbonisation and climate change rise up the political agenda with parties across the spectrum committing to ambitious emissions reduction pledges. Public opinion and activism pushed for even greater action and saw Extinction Rebellion climate change protesters take to the streets across the UK in a mass civil disobedience campaign.

Despite the Net Zero by 2050 target having been legislated under Theresa May’s leadership, the new Conservative Government remains focused on getting on with the job of Brexit, levelling up transport infrastructure, and improving the economic prosperity of former Labour voting areas who ‘lent’ their vote to the Conservatives in the General Election. That being said, 2020 is set to be a big year for climate change and energy policy. In November the UK will play host to the United Nations COP26 climate change summit – a fantastic opportunity for the UK to show real global leadership on long term plans for climate action. Expect to see a firming up of Conservative policy commitments and goals as we approach this key event, with the Prime Minister Boris Johnson already calling 2020 a “defining year of climate action.”

With this in mind, click here to access a Cicero/AMO overview of the key issues the energy sector faces in 2020.

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