Uber – Developing a strategy to defend against regulatory threat

Public Affairs


Uber was being threatened with a legal challenge from London’s black cab industry claiming the firm was breaking the law by using iPhones as meters. Taxi drivers went on strike across London and other capitals in Europe when Transport for London (TfL) ruled in Uber’s favour.

Against this backdrop, we were enlisted to make the case for Uber in the media and among political audiences.

Strategy and execution

We worked with Uber to reach out to transport journalists and politicians with three set-piece events. Together we created a press office system, and established communication lines with key members of TfL.

We also supported outreach to cities with tailored approaches and briefing materials.


Through dialogue with TfL we established the key issues for the regulator and opened communication channels. Communication led to TfL backing Uber that it could carry on trading.

The campaign enhanced the image of Uber and achieved a large increase in users. It also established a voice for Uber at heart of London’s government, and helped build channels of conversation at key cities around the UK and among politicians in the Scottish Parliament.