There is an alternative: progressive views on rebuilding post-pandemic Britain

By Nicholas Smith, Chair, Labour in the City, and Tom Frackowiak, Managing Director – UK Public Affairs, Cicero/AMO

Labour in the City and Cicero/AMO are delighted to present a collection of essays on the City and its relationship with the UK economy. We are grateful to all our contributors for providing such thought-provoking and original insights, taking in everything from Albert Camus to net zero, and hope you find them equally compelling.

The impact of the pandemic during the past twelve months is greater than anything seen for a political generation. One consequence of this is that we are all revisiting our priorities at work, at home and everything in between. The same can be said for the UK economy, with the pandemic illuminating in equal measure its strengths and weaknesses.

It in this spirit that Labour in the City commissioned a group of business leaders, City economists and academics to share their ideas on how the UK can not only rebound from this shock, but do so in a way which promotes resilience and a broader base of wealth creation across the UK. It is our hope that this paper supports a stronger, more collaborative relationship between the Labour Party, the City and the broader business community.

Labour in the City and Cicero/AMO do not take policy positions, and these essays will not necessarily reflect the views of our members and clients. What we both do support is thinking critically about some of the challenges we face as a country, and offering solutions rather than slogans. As our fantastic authors demonstrate, there is an alternative.

The UK has begun to chart a new course in the world outside the EU, and the Labour Party, led by Keir Starmer, is now under new management. Things that seemed distant possibilities only a few years ago are now an everyday reality. We hope that in a few years we can say the same about at least some of the ideas in this pamphlet.

Cicero/AMO was delighted to sponsor and support this collection of essays. Click here to read this document in full.

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