The Green Recovery – A Cicero/AMO overview

It may seem like somewhat of a fantasy now, but in the time before Coronavirus hit the UK and we entered lockdown, sustainability was a topic high on the political agenda. The global climate crisis was frequently headline news – manifested in the tragic bush fires in Australia and severe flooding in the UK following storms Ciara and Dennis. And with COP26 originally due to be hosted in the UK later this year, businesses were considering their own sustainability footing and facing pressure to be on the right side of the conversation.

Fast forward three months and Coronavirus has dominated the political and news agenda. And while the virus has both tragic and far reaching economic consequences, one positive side effect of the pandemic has been the impact on carbon output.

Businesses that are able to demonstrate the role they can play in the green recovery will find themselves well positioned both with Government and in a ‘new’ economy that is being rebuilt with a focus on tackling the climate emergency.

Below, the Cicero team considers what the green recovery might look like across our core sectors: financial services; transport and infrastructure; energy; tech and housing. If you’d like to discuss what the focus on
a green recovery means for your organisation, do get in touch.

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