Spotlight on the European Green Deal: A Cicero/AMO Analysis

From the beginning of her term, Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen has expressed her ambition for the EU to be the global leader in the fight against climate change. Sustainability will be hardwired into everything the EU does to ensure it reaches its self-imposed objective climate neutrality by 2050. In practice this means major overhauls of existing legislation and the development of innovative forward-thinking measures to tackle the climate emergency. ‘Sustainable’ industrial, transport and energy strategies, amongst other sectors, will be key to the EU achieving its goal.

President Von der Leyen’s initial proposals, set out in the Green Deal and 2020 Work Programme, set the pace and scene for a vast amount of legislative work to be carried out by the European institutions over the next 5 years and beyond. In this overview we outline the Commission’s ambitions across a number of policy areas, as well as the impact on financial regulations. We do hope you find this to be useful.

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