Seamlessly add digital communications to existing activity & significantly increase engagement & awareness

Cicero’s recent acquisition by Havas now gives us the ability to boost online engagement for the B2B world like never before. With Havas’ depth and breadth of consumer knowledge and Cicero’s specialist understanding of the corporate world, we can now extend your messaging onto digital platforms with expert precision. 

We’ve developed digital media plans that seamlessly plug into your existing activity and significantly increase engagement and awareness because digital marketing should be easy, not confusing. 

We’ve tested this with our public affairs, public relations and campaigns clients and the results have been brilliant.

Choose from three plans. Each designed for a different objective. It’s the easiest way to extend any existing activity to online audiences

You decide which plan is right for your objective. The options are: 

  • Engage and acquire, built to inspire, activate and convert new people. 
  • Elevate and educate, designed to increase awareness of brand and messaging. 
  • Hot prospects, to re-target and engage your existing network. 

We take your existing marketing and communications content and optimise it for online audiences, set-up audience profiles matching your criteria and develop stylish and engaging creative assets. We set up the campaigns on the appropriate online channels and then launch the campaign, achieving results that meet the objectives of your chosen plan. 

We can take any content and optimise it for digital media. Each of our plans includes materials created by our award-winning design team. They take existing content and reformat it into infographics, videos, newsletters, animations and social media assets that are not only used in the digital campaign but can also be added to your website or used as hand-outs in meetings. 

Time spent on digital channels has dramatically increased, social media is maintaining high daily usage, and use of videos has sky-rocketed. If companies are not investing in digital media, they could be missing key opportunities to engage their network. 

Our digital media plans are the easiest way to convert content and use it to engage new online audiences in a professional and targeted way. 

Get in touch if you’re looking to engage relevant online communities and we’ll extend your activity into digital media. 

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Kris Makuch

Director of Digital