Resetting corporate strategy – The impact of COVID-19 on global businesses

2020 was a year defined by a global pandemic. The impact of Covid-19 on both public health and global economies has resulted in an accelerated shift towards an increasingly digitised world and one in which social values have come to the fore. How businesses are supporting (and seen as supporting) the social cause is increasingly important. This, along with both the practical and economic challenges of the virus, has had a direct impact on corporate strategies.

To better understand the process of business evolution in a post-COVID environment, the global AMO network undertook a series of one-hour in-depth interviews with leading communications and marketing experts across the globe, including some of the world’s largest corporates.

The findings of these conversations tell a story of how corporate communications practitioners and business leaders globally have navigated the shorter-term challenges and are using the experience to implement long-lasting change within their business.

Click here to read our report on how business leaders expect the pandemic to affect their organisations and the nine key trends we expect to play out over 2021 and beyond.

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