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Cicero has over a decade of experience delivering quantitative and qualitative research and consultancy services. We provide a redefined full-service offering integrating research, communications, graphic design and campaigns. We offer international coverage and global markets expertise, delivering robust insights across our local and international studies in business, consumer, financial adviser and public sector markets.

1. Campaign content and thought leadership

Cicero Research is a leading provider of research-led thought leadership programmes with a proven track record in delivering credible research to assist clients in achieving a wide range of communications objectives. These programmes comprise internal communications, sales and marketing for both B2C and B2B audiences, media relations (both traditional and social media), public policy campaigns and regulatory affairs.


2. The Syndicated Suite

Our syndicated suite provides the widest and deepest coverage of the retail financial services markets. Our two core products: Market Insight Series and the Adviser Influence Guide provide you with all the actionable insight you need to win and retain more business in your chosen markets and with your target audience – both consumer and advisory.

Insight Series:


Adviser Influence Guide:


3. Bespoke research consultancy

How you use research is far more important than just great insight.

Cicero Research first identifies how research may help you better achieve your business objectives in the context of all the regulatory change, competitive forces and perpetual industry flux.

Any project we work with you on is designed specifically with this end in sight, ensuring quality engagement with precisely your target audience – even the most hard to reach stakeholder groups – and the delivery of truly actionable insight that drives your business forward.

Some of the ways we help our retail financial services clients:

  • Brand testing
  • Communications reviews
  • Distribution strategy
  • New product development
  • Product and service auditing
  • Competitor benchmarking


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Mark Twigg

Executive Director

Phil Wickenden

Managing Director, Market Research

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