Queen’s Speech 2019 – An overview

By John Rowland, Executive Director, and Lizzy Tomlin, Senior Account Manager

During the campaign, Prime Minister Boris Johnson introduced a call-and-response to his stump speech, a sort of political version of Minnie the Moocher. PM: ‘How many new Hospitals are we going to build?’ Supporters: ‘40!’ PM: ‘How many more nurses?’ Supporters: ‘50,000!’ PM ‘How many more police officers on the streets?’ Supporters: ‘20,000!’. Mr Johnson even did it at his post-election Cabinet, only it was the soon-to-be-culled ranks of secretaries of state chanting back.

The Pavlovian repetition of pledges, designed to cut through to those outside the ‘Westminster bubble’, has been an effective communications strategy. With a majority of 80, a deficit that’s under control and Labour in disarray, Boris Johnson must now deliver on those pledges and has no one to blame if he doesn’t.

The Queen’s Speech is the first step on that journey. If it’s anything to go by, this Parliament is going to have a very busy start with a raft of legislative and non-legislative measures covering just about every aspect of Government activity.

‘Getting Brexit Done’ was the central pledge of the campaign and is the most pressing priority for the Government. There is the return of the EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill and bills that cover trade, fishing, agriculture and financial services. The UK’s immigration system is also set for an overhaul. It will prioritise high-skilled immigration, downgrade low-skilled immigration and place incoming EU citizens on parity with individuals from the rest of the world. This is a major undertaking on its own…

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