PIMFA – Designing for merging worlds



In July 2017, the Wealth Management Association (WMA) and the Association for Professional Financial Advisers (APFA) merged to become the Personal Investment Management & Financial Advice Association (PIMFA).

We were commissioned to develop a bold and fresh visual identity that embodies the values of the new organisation.

Strategy and execution

In conjunction with the communications, marketing and events teams at PIMFA, we identified three key tenants on which to build the new brand:

  1. A single identity representing the new organisation’s values that appeals to the audiences of both former trade bodies.
  2. An understanding of the organisation’s traditional customers and the fast-changing financial landscape.
  3. The brand should communicate how the organisation helps people on a personal level.

Our logo design reflects PIMFA’s corporate sensibility combined with the building blocks to grow new, secure networks.


We designed unique brand guidelines and templates for all major PIMFA channels, including print, web, social and email. In June 2017, the new brand was launched to acclaim from the client team.

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