MedicAnimal – Building a brand identity on social media.




We were enlisted by MedicAnimal, an online pet healthcare retailer selling pet products including prescription medicines, pet food and accessories, to develop a PR and social media strategy surpassing the company’s competitors in a fiercely competitive market.

Strategy and execution

Our digital team designed and implemented a targeted social media strategy, posting fun, informative and shareable content each day. We interacted with users and engaged with key influencers in the online community to raise MedicAnimal’s online presence and follower numbers.



We also sought to raise the profile of MedicAnimal’s senior management team, running regular PR campaigns and engaging with broadcast and print media. This work included our ‘Fugly’ (fabulously ugly) campaign, celebrating weird and wonderful pets while promoting the need for owners to look after their animals on the inside and the outside.





MedicAnimal’s social media followers increased by 60%, with these users representing a much more targeted and higher quality online community.

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Kris Makuch

Director of Digital