LinkedIn – Bringing data to life

Public Affairs


LinkedIn tasked us with elevating its brand directly with high-level decision makers and politicians in the UK by linking its in-depth data to labour market and social policy.

Strategy and execution

We created a partnership communications strategy with LinkedIn and the newly formed Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) to develop and launch the Greater Creators report. The report focused on Manchester as a pilot region for the UK and aligned with LinkedIn’s global Economic Graph campaign aimed at mapping the global labour economy.

We worked with LinkedIn to repurpose its aggregated profile data on the Manchester labour market into a form that brought to life the story of four key factors that impact upon employment trends: workforce and skills, hiring, migration and education.


The report is the first result of the campaign and is being used to help the Authority to plan for its skills gaps as it forecasts the creation of 110,000 new jobs in the next decade.

We secured industry support for the launch of the report beyond Manchester, extending as far as the Cabinet Office, in addition to regional and local stakeholders from industry. We also hosted a high-level dinner to brief VIP stakeholders from industry and relevant MPs.