Inside Boris Johnson’s Cabinet – A Cicero Group overview

Boris Johnson’s appointment of a new Government was delivered by the most dramatic cabinet clear-out in recent memory. The combination of sackings and those who decided to resign before he took office saw 17 of Theresa May’s Cabinet of 30 leave office.

During the leadership campaign, Boris Johnson made it clear that he would expect that all his Cabinet signed up to his policy of leaving the EU by the 31st of October either with a deal or without. True to his word, he has assembled a cabinet who accept that policy. While more of the members of the new cabinet supported remain in 2016 than those who supported leave, the changes have seen a coming together of the key members of the Vote Leave team. Returners to the cabinet include the Vote Leave-supporting Dominic Raab, Pritl Patel and Theresa Villiers. Michael Gove, Johnson’s fellow Vote Leave frontman, has been given the key role of Brexit preparedness from the Cabinet Office.

The Prime Minister is already in campaign mode with a slew of policy announcements activity since he entered Downing Street with polices such as recruiting 20,000 new police officers, building a high-speed rail link between Manchester and Leeds and a new £3.6n fund for deprived towns. The pace of announcements is set to continue over the summer with Johnson acting as campaigner-in-chief, bringing at least the feel of a General Election to his first month as Prime Minister.

This briefing provides analysis on the key members of the new Cabinet and the likely policy and political challenges they will face over the coming months, alongside a timeline of the key events taking place during the Prime Minister’s first 100 days…

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