FinTech Nation 2018 – A collection of essays and viewpoints from the UK’s brightest innovators

FinTech is now the firepower of innovation in the City, spurring a complete rethink in how firms, Governments and consumers think about finance. From streamlining capital markets, to debunking traditional insurance practices and offering completely new ways to bank, the UK sector has it all. The good news is, this ambition and pace of innovation shows no signs of letting up in 2018, with the stage set for a bright future for UK FinTech. However, the sector cannot rest on the laurels of its strong start. With the opportunities and challenges presented by the UK’s exit from the EU and with the march of rival FinTech hubs from Europe and Asia only growing, both the sector’s innovators and its influencers have a job to do to ensure the UK continues its current world beating form.

To mark this, Cicero Group and Innovate Finance have today published FinTech Nation 2018 – a collection of essays and viewpoints from the some of FinTech’s brightest innovators and leading influencers.

In the run-up to the next week’s Innovate Finance Global Summit and the start of FinTech week 2018, we hope the narratives within this collection provide you with an insight into the direction of UK FinTech in 2018 and beyond.

Click here to read the FinTech Nation 2018 collection of essays and viewpoints.

Luke Seaman
Head of Digital Policy
Cicero Group

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