Crypto-assets: International and EU regulatory moves to create legal framework – A Cicero/AMO overview

The opportunities offered by distributed ledger technology (DLT) and crypto-assets are enormous. They have the potential to transform an outdated financial system, particularly in cross-border payments, and to improve financial inclusion and access to finance for SMEs. The increasing uptake and proliferation of crypto-assets, and specifically stablecoins, has naturally drawn the attention of policymakers and regulators globally.

A new regulatory framework will provide much needed legal clarity to the sector. This will have a positive impact on the industry, giving rise to a better ecosystem, stronger investor confidence and, ultimately, higher demand for this game-changing asset class. With the regulatory framework being developed across multiple jurisdictions, engagement with lawmakers is key to avoid regulatory inconsistencies between regions. With this in mind, Cicero/AMO has prepared an overview of the international and EU regulatory moves to create a legal framework for crypto-assets.

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