Welcoming Victoria Bischoff, Editor, Money Mail, for latest media briefing event

We were delighted to host our latest media briefing event with Victoria Bischoff, Editor of the Daily Mail’s weekly Money Mail section.

In an event chaired by our Head of Media, Adam Taylor, the session allowed Ms Bischoff to provide an insight into the inner workings of the Money Mail team before answering questions from representatives across the PR sector.

With Money Mail going to print weekly on Tuesdays, PRs should ensure that their stories are pitched to the team ahead of a news meeting on Wednesday mornings, where journalists will come armed with their latest story ideas to work on during the week ahead. Larger pieces should be pitched several weeks in advance, allowing ample time for the team to build relevant case studies, Ms Bischoff said.

Money Mail readers are extremely loyal to the paper, “hanging out every word we write”, she added, with an engaged readership that will fill the team’s postbag, and call in to correct typos. The paper’s audience is “cautiously curious” about technology and generally worried about their children’s and grandchildren’s financial prospects, particularly getting onto the housing ladder.

Top tips for PRs include properly understanding deadlines, being able to provide access to senior correspondents at short notice, and knowing your topic inside-out, ensuring that follow-up questions can be answered swiftly. Ms Bischoff raised particular issues with PRs who arrange meetings immediately after sending press releases, making them unavailable to respond to any questions she has, with PRs who phone up journalists immediately after circulating a release, and calling round multiple members of her team – who sit across from each other – if they reject a story idea. She added that survey results have to be believable, with a PR recently pitching a story that 90% of travellers will undertake extreme sports while on holiday – an unrealistic expectation among her older readers.

“We really value our relationships with PRs”, Ms Bischoff added, stating that these are built on a large degree of trust.

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