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Our clients have access to our proprietary online portal ‘Cicero Pulse’. It delivers political monitoring, social influencer tracking and a full suite of our market research reports (coming soon). We built the system with one overarching principle: that our clients would have access to the most accurate, most comprehensive and most speedily delivered monitoring and insight in the market, combined with expert analysis of what this means for your business.



Policy monitoring (formerly Novares)

Whatever your political, policy or regulatory monitoring needs Cicero Pulse is here to help, bringing you the latest political and regulatory intelligence across the UK, the EU and other key centres.

Almost ten years ago a group of Cicero’s public affairs practitioners came together to create a monitoring and intelligence service which would go far beyond anything available in the market either then or today. The service, designed by practitioners for practitioners was first launched in 2008. We offer specialised monitoring services across all industry sectors with our team of experts serving clients in over 20 countries.

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Influencer monitoring (formerly Yatterbox)

Stay up to date with the latest people influencing your world.

Our monitoring tool tracks social media influencers and commentators who impact your organisation and its reputation sending you live updates as it happens.

Our tool works by tracking lists of pre-verified journalists, broadcasters, politicians and other influencers important to you on Twitter. You simply pick the keywords that are relevant to you and as soon as the influencers mention your keyword, you’ll get an alert. Our system saves you time and effort. No longer do you have to manually set-up Twitter lists and trawl through endless tweets. Our influencer tracking tool cuts out all irrelevant posts for you. You’ll then get an email either instantly or as a timely summary.

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“Cicero has enabled us to capitalise on the public affairs potential of Twitter, helping us grow our understanding and engagement with our target audiences in the devolved nations, Brussels and Westminster.”

Catherine Guinard, Public Affairs Manager, Cancer Research



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