Cicero Group welcomes Enabling Enterprise school visit to learn more about the workplace

Cicero Group today welcomed a group of 7-10 year old schoolchildren to our offices, arranged through Enabling Enterprise, a scheme set up by a team of teachers to equip students with the essential skills they need to succeed.

The visit provided a tour of Cicero’s London headquarters to the group, so they could learn about the working environment and ask questions to employees across the Cicero team. Throughout the day, the group heard from staff across the Cicero team to explain their roles in the organisation, the tasks that they undertake and the skills required in their day-to-day work.

Following these introductions, with help from volunteers across Cicero, the children were assigned a team based communications project simulating the work and skills needed for a career in media and communications to help focus on important workplace skills including creativity, presentation skills, leadership, teamwork, problem solving, staying positive and aiming high.

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Parisa Namazi

Director of Talent

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