Cicero Group provides commitments to Women in Finance initiative

In October 2016, Cicero Group was proud to be the first corporate communications agency to sign HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter. As part of our commitments to this charter, in January 2018 we have updated our progress on reaching our targets – all updates to our original post are listed in italics below. 

Cicero Group is proud to be the first corporate communications agency to sign the HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter.

By signing up to this charter, we have made a commitment to drive change and promote gender diversity at all levels in the agency. At Cicero we believe gender balance is vital for success in an industry where people and diversity of thought are our best assets.

Harnessing the talents of women in financial services and beyond is one of our strategic diversity priorities and we are delighted to make this commitment. As the only communications agency to sign the charter, Cicero believes it has a role to play in driving equality across the financial services industry.

Cicero offers unique career opportunities to those with an interest in both public affairs and communications. A number of our clients have a financial services focus and therefore when hiring and developing the very best talent to deliver excellence to our clients, Cicero often places a high emphasis on knowledge and experience of the industry.

As part of this commitment we have set ourselves the following gender diversity targets and will produce annual public reports on our progress towards:

    1. 50% of all total new hires and interns going forward should be women (with a 10% confidence interval). 

      Since joining the charter, 50% of our new hires and interns have been female. This has been achieved by re-wording our job adverts, reviewing these for unconscious bias wording, including women in all interview panels during the recruitment process, reaching out to a wider talent pool to shortlist a better gender balance and unconscious bias training with a focus on recruitment for hiring managers. 

    2. A commitment that all managers will do unconscious bias training before September 2017. 

      Having committed that all managers would undergo unconscious bias training, we have beaten this target with all members of the company having undertaken unconscious bias training. 

    3. Review and improve our family friendly and work life balance policies by September 2017. 

      We have agreement at board level to implement a number of changes to our work life balance policies including a new flexible working programme. Since setting this target, we have enhanced our maternity, paternity policies and mirrored our maternity policy into our shared parental leave policy. 

    4. Inspire and create more opportunities for our junior to mid-level female talent to become leaders of the future by designing and implementing a programme of training and development by September 2019. 

      We are in the process of designing a programme for 2019 and are on track to see this target through. Since setting this target, Cicero has signed up for the 30% club mentoring scheme and facilitates support programmes on building gravitas and confidence for both male and female employees. We also have senior male members of staff as mentors on female mentoring programmes to help them better understand the challenges faced by female colleagues. 

    5. Inspire young female talent prior to entering the workplace to increase female talent pipelines. 

      We have worked with diversity organisations to inspire diverse young talent entering the workplace by hosting a number of well-received training sessions for young diverse talent with engagement of staff across Cicero’s senior and junior teams. We hosted an event on International Women’s Day which was not just attended by those at working age but also young future talent at school age. We are now actively seeking how we can get involved with schools in the community and are trialling a school governors route.

We are delighted to have appointed Judith Becker, Executive Director as responsible for driving these targets and ensuring they stay at the top of the board level agenda. Speaking in March 2018, Judith said:

“Reviewing our Women in Finance Charter targets provides a real opportunity to take stock of the excellent progress Cicero has made over the past year towards promoting better gender equality. By focusing on a series of formal and informal initiatives, undertaking regular employee training and having a company culture firmly committed to the advantages that a diverse and motivated workforce brings, we have progressed against every target we have set ourselves.

“More progress needs to be achieved across the business community, however I am proud of the steps that Cicero continues to take to create a more diverse and inclusive environment for our employees.”

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