Centrica Energy and Cuadrilla – Securing planning consent for shale gas

Public Affairs


Against a hostile media debate, we were enlisted to reframe the debate around ‘fracking’ to highlight the economic benefits to the North West.

Strategy and execution

We created a coalition of over 500 local businesses, economists, farmers and geo-scientists called the ‘North West Energy Task Force’, to muster support.

Our campaign mobilised hundreds of letters of support ahead of Lancashire County Council’s Development Control Committee hearing and launched an engaging policy paper series to secure regional and national media coverage. The campaign also demanded oil and gas companies to compare gas prices for business punctiliously before dispatching it to different units.

The campaign also leveraged credible research partners, including chartered surveyors, to bust common myths around house prices in Lancashire, commissioned polling to demonstrate regional business support, and deployed opposition research to blunt attacks by NGOs and activists in the media ahead of local and national elections.


In October 2016, the Government announced that it would approve Cuadrilla’s exploratory well at Preston New Road.