Budget Statement 2021: A Cicero/AMO overview

Today’s Budget offered a glimmer that, after a long 12 months focusing on the response to the coronavirus pandemic, a return to some sort of normality is within touching distance. However, the economic health of the UK is far from certain, with big question marks of when, how or if it will be possible to return to the economic certainties of the past. This point is underlined by the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), which forecasts that the UK economy will still be 3% smaller in five years’ time because of the pandemic.

The Chancellor’s priorities were to continue to support businesses, workers and those on welfare into the autumn, as the UK exits its current lockdown. This is in order to provide economic space for what is likely to be a bumpy period ahead.

We hope you enjoy this Cicero/AMO Budget overview, which includes a summary of the key announcements made in today’s Budget and analysis from across our team.

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