Energy Networks Association – Stakeholder Insight Report


Energy Networks Association (ENA) wanted to understand what the main issues and challenges for the energy networks were among its core external audiences, including politicians, regulators, think tanks and consumer groups.

Strategy and execution:

H/Advisors Cicero identified a core stakeholder list of individuals amongst the key audiences and designed a discussion guide in collaboration with Energy Networks Association, to ensure we were targeting the right audiences with the right questions. H/Advisors Cicero leveraged our public affairs reputation to engage with this hard-to-reach audience and undertook a series of 30 in-depth interviews in Spring 2021. Conversations lasted up to an hour and were tailored based on the individual’s area of interest within the energy sector, to maximise the level of insight gained from each conversation.


We delivered an internal 25-page report to Energy Networks Association, summarising the key issues and our strategic communication recommendations across a range of issues impacting the energy sector. We also delivered a workshop to summarise the findings to ENA’s membership, including in-house public affairs leaders across the UK’s energy networks.

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