What are the priorities for the Portuguese Presidency? A Cicero/amo overview

by Alexandros Nikolaidis, Account Manager & Saga Eriksson, Senior Account Executive

During the first half of 2021, Portugal holds the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union.The Presidency programme places heavy emphasis on the Commission’s dual digital and green transitions, which have now been placed at the heart of the recovery from the COVID crisis.

Much of the success of the Portuguese Presidency will be defined by the implementation of the COVID recovery programmes, namely the next multiannual budget and the Next Generation EU recovery fund. While the German Presidency has done much of the heavy lifting on the framework through which the COVID recovery will be financed, it now falls on the Portuguese to ensure the smooth implementation of the programmes.

Further priorities are the development of the EU’s Social Pillar and strategic autonomy, coinciding with a domestic Presidential election with implications for the political capital that the Presidency will have at its disposal.

The Cicero/amo team have gathered and analysed the priorities of the Portuguese Presidency. I do hope you find this overview to be worthwhile.

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Alexandros Nikolaidis

Account Manager


Saga Eriksson

Senior Account Executive