Financial Services

Cicero has advised companies across the financial services sector for over a decade. During that time, we have worked with the world’s largest asset managers, retail banks and insurers to manage the ever-increasing complexity of their markets.

Since the financial crisis, regulators and legislators have sought to change the way the financial system works, to change its incentives and practices. The volume of new regulation and the speed with which it is being implemented is unprecedented. Yet the opportunities in the market are boundless. Using our international footprint, we help clients grow their business and build their reputations across the largest international markets and fast-growing emerging ones.

Whether you’re taking a new product to market or managing the changing structures of the marketplace, Cicero’s team is there to help.

Energy & Extractives

Cicero’s energy team helps leading corporate and household brands communicate effectively with their customers, other businesses and policymakers.

Rapid changes in legislative and regulatory frameworks present energy companies with multiple business challenges and opportunities. Political risk is compounded by media and social media risks, adding new dimensions to corporate reputation management.  Against this backdrop, an effective communications strategy is critical.

The energy sector is increasingly complex, interconnected and global. New technologies and changing demographics are fundamentally shifting patterns of demand. Geopolitical developments are profoundly impacting markets and policy development. Efforts to tackle climate change necessitate engagement and compromise at a European and international level.

Drawing on our international presence, Cicero helps clients to understand and navigate the evolving regulatory, political and media landscape.


Healthcare markets across the world are highly regulated and are under great financial pressure.  They’re also incredibly dynamic, with innovation and new technology affecting how we prevent, diagnose and manage conditions as well as how communities engage and advocate.

Cicero helps organisations across the healthcare spectrum tell their story effectively to a wide, connected range of stakeholders, including employees, physicians, media, policymakers, patient groups, regulators and investors.

From transformation to reputation, from supporting market access goals, to advising senior management about policy trends and their potential business impact, Cicero’s team counsels and delivers integrated campaigns that ensure messages are effectively driven, heard and understood, both within the organisation and outside.

Executive Education

Cicero works with leading business schools, professional qualification providers and major international universities on their international communications strategy. We help education providers raise their global profile, positioning them as leaders in an unremittingly competitive market. We have helped education providers enter new markets, especially in Asia, through the development and delivery of media, policymaker and consumer engagement strategies. This includes help with messaging, competitor analysis, the organisation of media launches and sustained PR engagement.

Where even minor changes in international rankings can have a huge impact on reputation, it is essential that executive education providers are more active in promoting themselves. In a sector where reputation and brand recognition mean so much, Cicero’s communications work ensures that our executive education clients remain the best in class.


Cicero has worked with some of the most recognised retail and consumer brands in the world delivering a wide range of communications support. Whether it’s social media listening for a FTSE 100 retailer or a technical lobbying campaign for a Fortune 100 e-commerce site, Cicero is trusted to deliver.

Given the current economic climate, with global economies still emerging from the depths of recession and real wage growth still historically low, retailers and consumer brands are facing more scrutiny than ever. That is why when things go wrong in this sector, more than most, the attention of public servants and mainstream media can be intense. Cicero delivers fast, integrated, intelligent communications to help retail and consumer brands build, manage and maintain their reputations.