Media training & coaching

At Cicero we constantly engage with broadcast media, regularly appearing in front of the camera and in print. We regularly host broadcasters at events to learn more about how they like to operate ensuring we provide a best-in-class service to clients. This is what sets our training and coaching apart from others. Not only has the Cicero team been the journalist and the interviewee, we maintain strong relationships that ensures our training takes account of what the broadcast media is thinking today.

Cicero’s media training and coaching services include:

  • In-depth training on how the media works across print, online and broadcast (TV and radio);
  • Trade, regional, national and international media;
  • Integrating media and social media activity – advice on how the media integrates social activity and how spokespeople can take advantage of this;
  • Techniques, tools and advice on how to engage with the media;
  • Advice on how to best structure communications with the media and on social media to generate the optimal outcome;
  • Practical media and presentation training – putting spokespeople through their paces in a ‘live’ environment, providing feedback and working towards improvement; and
  • Regular refresher training for spokespeople.

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