Crisis communications & reputation management

Nothing should be more important to an organisation than its reputation; it takes years to build and can be destroyed in an instant. Cicero works with clients to build, maintain, enhance and protect reputations. Protecting reputations lies at the heart of everything we do.

Cicero has a wealth of experience providing reputation management support for a wide range of organisations, from some of the world’s largest banks and miners to start-ups and charities.

At an early stage, we audit our client’s reputational risks, identify pertinent scenarios, and evaluate crisis communications plans. We then suggest improvements, fitting within business continuity plans as applicable, to ensure clients are best-prepared to deal with any crisis scenario before it happens.

Our reputation management and crisis communications services include:

  • Out of hours support;
  • Real-time monitoring of issues as they unfold;
  • Strategic advice;
  • Scenario planning;
  • Lines to take and key messages;
  • Fact sheets; and
  • Coaching of spokespeople.

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