Corporate PR

Cicero has integrated corporate communications running through its core. We help our clients communicate in a complex world with a wide-range of external audiences, from the media and investment community through to bloggers and the general public.

From FTSE 100 companies seeking to enhance their corporate reputations or charities needing to build the profile of their leaders, Cicero has the knowledge, experience and insight to create and implement award-winning campaigns.

The most recurring phrase in client feedback about Cicero is ‘trusted to deliver’. It is the mantra around which we build all our corporate communications work.

Financial PR

Cicero’s financial PR team provides trusted advice on how best to communicate with the financial media, analysts, investors and other stakeholders in your organisation’s financial and capital markets activity.

Communicating successfully with these stakeholders is paramount to delivering an effective financial PR strategy, whether around a transaction or fundraising event, or as part of an ongoing programme of investor engagement.

Cicero is a collaborative agency. We work in partnership with our clients and their wider bench of advisors to ensure the best possible outcomes. Working closely with senior management, from FTSE 100 firms to small caps, our team advise on positioning and messaging, and how to articulate your organisation’s equity story.

We work with listed and non-listed companies to provide a results-driven and hands-on approach.

Public Affairs

Cicero’s public affairs practice has built an award winning reputation for delivering results whatever the political complexion of government. Our team combines sound political judgement and  market and policy expertise to help clients navigate challenging regulatory landscapes across the UK, EU and at the supranational level. We provide a full range of services including integrated legislative campaigns, stakeholder mapping, issues management and senior counsel for business leaders.

We have a particular specialism in highly regulated, complex markets where the ability to master detail is vital. We place an emphasis on strong, long-term client relationships built on consistently high service levels. We have worked with many of our clients for more than five years and some more than ten. As well as working with some of the world’s largest listed companies, we are proud to work with smaller equally ambitious organisations who want to make a big impact in the public sphere.


Healthcare systems across the world are highly pressured and regulated, but they are also incredibly dynamic. Innovation and technology advances increasingly affect how we prevent, diagnose and manage conditions as well as how we communicate, engage and advocate.

For healthcare communicators, this requires considered, integrated and multi-faceted programmes with effective touch points and smart measurement throughout. Cicero helps organisations across the healthcare spectrum to positively shape the environment by telling their story effectively, ensuring that cohesive messaging connects across the ecosystem.

Our team has spent many years working both in-house and in agency, covering all aspects of the healthcare industry – so we understand the opportunities and challenges of effective, cross-functional partnerships and the importance of demonstrating value.

Through our blended teams, we can plan, deliver and mobilise integrated campaigns incorporating internal and external communications and offer the following services and specialisms:


At Cicero we understand that market research is only valuable if it delivers targeted, actionable insights that have an impact on business performance. We help clients digest, interpret and prioritise the intelligence that our research delivers so it can be applied to their business.

Our integrated full service research and corporate communications approach means that we can combine traditional market research with unparalleled insights from influential ‘hard-to-reach’ stakeholder groups including politicians, industry leaders, journalists, commentators, and other opinion formers. This overlaps with insights from think tanks, academics, market analysts and social media channels to offer our clients clear and informed counsel based on insights which have a wide range of business uses including:

  • Developing corporate strategy
  • Differentiating the brand in an often crowded marketplace
  • Building brand awareness and changing brand perception with external stakeholders
  • Driving sales and marketing activities
  • Creating deeper more highly engaged customer relationships
  • Optimising and engaging effectively with distribution channel intermediaries
  • Interpreting and anticipating competitor strengths and weaknesses
  • Providing newsworthy insights which will drive media coverage
  • Providing authoritative comment on political, regulatory and media debates
  • Shaping public policy and regulations which impact on business operations
  • Promoting better internal communications

Our team delivers quantitative and qualitative primary research studies while making extensive use of secondary sources from desk research. This combination of primary and secondary findings helps to create comprehensive high-impact research reports and other deliverables which generate agenda changing thought leadership and award winning campaigns.

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Cicero Group offers market-leading services from each of our four international branches in London, Brussels, New York and Singapore. Our global presence allows us to overcome language and legislative hurdles, ensuring that every communications approach is dealt with the best local expertise.

Our international services also allow Cicero to provide 24-hour assistance, worldwide monitoring, and world-class integrated campaigns no matter where in the world you are based.