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The vote to leave the European Union (EU) in June 2016 and the resulting Brexit process represents not just the start of a separation of the UK from the EU, but a complete reconfiguring of the established powerbases within Government, Whitehall and Parliament. Although formal negotiations with the EU are yet to commence, Brexit has already radically changed our national politics, with new actors and nexuses of influence coming to the fore.

This has resulted in situations where Cabinet Ministers break protocols of collective responsibility, Ministers speak against Government lines and Shadow Ministers are perceived as being more influential than the leader of their Party. It means that our domestic political landscape is far harder to interpret and understand. For an outsider, it is not always clear who is in true control of the Brexit process and which individuals are really calling the shots.

It is these questions that this Cicero overview, ‘Brexit: the influencers in Government and Parliament’, seeks to answer. Demystifying the who’s who in the Brexit process and helping you to understand how the key actors in Government and Parliament will be influential as the UK progresses towards Brexit.

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