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Kris Makuch

Head of Digital London

You might’ve noticed that Facebook recently introduced ‘Facebook Reactions’, an evolution of the classic ‘like’ button. So instead of simply ‘liking’ a post user can further interact with the content and be more specific with their response. Users can now respond with like, love, haha, wow, sad and angry; a complete range of human emotions. When really all people asked for was a dislike button…

But the question for businesses is: how does this affect your corporate Facebook page?

Well the good news is that novelty aside, what you’re actually going to receive is more detailed feedback on published content. This is an opportunity to look at deeper insights into how people feel about your posts.

Think about it. Rather than the simple ‘like’ which essentially measured the popularity of a post, you can now measure the type of impact your posts are having to a further degree.

Let’s take a look.


Facebook Reactions for Business - Like

Are you receiving an overwhelming amount of likes over the other six emotions?

This may be the general consensus for a while until the more sceptical Facebookers adapt to the change. But largely this is positive. A like is a show of support. A thumbs up that they’ve acknowledged your news and generally approve.


Facebook Reactions for Business - Love

Receiving a lot of love? This is good! Love reactions are usually saved for cute kittens and fluffy puppies. This is a strong show of support for your campaign or brand and an opportunity to see exactly what kind of posts your audience feel most passionately about. Try replicating the style used for posts that receive a lot of love and seeing if your audience reacts in a similarly positive way.


Facebook Reactions for Business - Haha

It goes without saying that this is the general response to jokes and funny content. Someone just shared a GIF of Luis Van Gaal falling over. Haha! A lot of magazines and brands will be aiming for this response. But if your receiving a lot of ‘haha’ reactions in response to your latest post on growing house prices, that doesn’t really correlate and you might want to investigate a little further…


 Facebook Reactions for Business - WowA lot of wow reactions? Good! You’re either Red Bull or you’re doing something that is genuinely surprising. Were you expecting this reaction? If you’ve posted about some insight into your company and the consensus is a ‘wow’ reaction then you have a green light to delve further. People are intrigued by your news and will probably want to know more.


 Facebook Reactions for Business - SadNo-one wants to make people sad so this is one of those red flag moments. People will usually only push this button as an emotional response to something, for example, a listicle along the lines of ‘the top five saddest moments in movie history’ will warrant a sad reaction (obviously). But if you’ve received a couple of these along your way on posts usually disassociated with sadness, then this may have been a reaction to something else; perhaps a reaction to wider circumstances, e.g. poor customer service or negative feelings towards your brand, and definitely something to investigate further.


Facebook Reactions for Business - Angry

This one is a biggie! People only click this when they have a strong feeling of discontent towards something. The big thing you need to check here is whether people are angry against the cause you’re supporting, or whether they are angry directly at you. And unless your post is associated with a political campaign you should probably take a closer look.

If you’re receiving a majority of angry responses something isn’t right. You should reevaluate the content you are posting and possibly take a look at the overall process of your current campaign.

The big takeaway from all of this is don’t just measure the amount of engagement, measure the type!

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