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The Cicero Digital team is launching our #CiceroCardboard campaign with the aim of encouraging people to think about how new technologies can be used to engage and interact with customers.



We are giving away free #CiceroCardboard headsets which can be used to watch virtual reality through your smartphone. As well as a bit of fun, we hope that people will be inspired by #CiceroCardboard to look at alternative means to connect with people.

“B2B is such a busy and complex market. Marketing emails and banner adverts just don’t cut it anymore. There is a huge abundance of new technologies that can be used in new and exciting ways to connect with people, but these new ideas often seem to get pushed to the background as soon as they start to disrupt familiar routine. ‘Why try something new when we’ve used email campaigns for years?’. But when was the last time you received an email that made you so excited that you wanted to tell everyone about it? Let’s rethink a few things and really try to engage with people. That’s where connections are really made.”

Kris Makuch, Head of Creative

Cicero’s Digital team have worked with many of the biggest organisations in the UK, including global banks, public bodies, charities and international trade bodies. We specialise in crafting online campaigns using social media and creative content, with a focus on digital strategy, production, analysis and training.

Click here for more information on #cicerocardboard and learn how to create more engaging digital campaigns or call us on 020 7297 5958.

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