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Cicero’s Digital team has been awarded ‘Best PR Agency Marketing’ at the In2 SABRE Awards EMEA 2017 for our #CiceroCardboard virtual reality (VR) campaign.

In the campaign, the digital team developed uniquely branded Google Cardboard headsets which were sent to clients and prospective clients to introduce them to the communications opportunities offered by VR. In addition to the headsets, contacts were shown brief tutorials to create the headsets and a guide to the best VR apps and features, with the artwork mirrored across a supporting digital microsite, brochures and business cards.

Having created the #CiceroCardboard products, the team began a two-month campaign of raising awareness using social media, live events, product mailouts and sales calls. In total, 1,500 cardboard headsets, brochures and business cards were produced and mailed out, with the campaign generating a 900% return on investment.

Kris Makuch, Head of Digital at Cicero, said: “Our VR headsets helped us take our clients on rollercoasters, riding on-board a Formula car and back to the Jurassic era – but more importantly, it meant we offered clients a real insight into the awesome possibilities offered by VR. I am thrilled that our digital team have won this award for what was a super campaign.”

In addition to this award, the digital team received a Certificate of Excellence for our work on RSA’s Future Impacts reports, in a category won by BMW.

The In2 SABREs recognise excellence in various categories of innovation and insight, with an emphasis on content creation, PR agency management and marketing.

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