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Lizzy Anderson, Business Editor at the i newspaper, joined Cicero Group for an exclusive ‘in conversation’ event discussing how businesses can best to engage with the paper.

Taking place on the morning of 14 October and chaired by Cicero’s Executive Director Mike Robb, Ms Anderson described that the i has latched onto a niche with few direct competitors to its quality paper, which is shorter and cheaper than many established players.

Issues of real interest to her brief include pensions, she said, noting that her section highlights the importance of saving and how fluctuations to interest rates will affect readers. The UK’s decision to leave the European Union will flow into a number of articles but will not define business coverage.

The paper has a typically older readership, she said, meaning that while start-up organisations focused on financial technology (FinTech) might make for interesting subjects, these firms would have to be “supremely interesting” to merit coverage. She also noted that the paper focuses across the country rather than being focused on the London bubble, meaning that unique organisations based in locations such as Manchester will be more likely to achieve coverage than similar firms in Shoreditch.

Morning editorial meetings take place at around 10:30 before a separate meeting at around 14:30 to ‘firm up’ the issues that will be covered in the day’s paper, meaning that PRs should get in touch as early as possible in the day to pitch story ideas that she can take to these meetings. Ms Anderson noted that she is keen to be briefed about interesting upcoming news events ahead of time to help plan her schedule; separately, PRs should rarely reach out over the phone due to a hectic schedule and a small team.

She added that one PR had even pushed a story to her so hard that she removed it from the paper due to frustration with their constant chasing, advising delegates against similarly pushy tactics.

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