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Cicero Group was pleased to welcome Dan Hyde, Editor of Money Mail for an exclusive event on 21 September.

Chaired by Cicero Group Senior Counsel Kate McAndrew, the event provided an opportunity for delegates to engage with one of the most widely read money sections reaching hundreds of thousands of readers each week.

Mr Hyde spoke in detail about how the tone of the money section is set by “massive reader engagement”, with his readers frequently writing in physical messages to raise issues of concern or respond to stories of greatest interest. He holds a “responsibility” to his audience, he said, with stories aimed to help readers understand and make informed decisions on how they can make the most of their money. Depending on the scope of a readers’ financial journey, this could vary from simply encouraging readers to put their cash into a low interest bank account through to outlining more complex or newer types of financial product, though he cautioned that he is sceptical that new peer-to-peer type products can offer a larger return without risks to match.

He also discussed the regulation of financial services, noting a “regulatory retrenchment” following the appointment of Andrew Bailey to the Financial Conduct Authority, with regulations being allowed to settle rather than attempting to continually change the industry. He also said that the media will have to step up if the recommendations from the Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) report into retail banking are not properly brought in, arguing that its recommendations did not go far enough to shake up the sector, before taking questions from the audience.

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